Rabbi Tamara Kolton Ph.D.

Rabbi, Psychotherapist, Author & Feminine Mythologist
Shalom !

Meet Rabbi Kolton Ph.D. or as she prefers… Tamara

Rabbi Tamara Kolton Ph.D. is the author of the new release, Oranges for Eve: My Brave, Beautiful, Badass Journey to the Feminine Divine. She is an independent rabbi, psychologist, and feminine mythologist. As a prominent rabbi in Michigan, she is known for her warm, inspirational style and deep capacity to help people heal.
For over 20 years, she has shared life’s greatest joy and deepest sorrow with thousands of people. She officiates weddings locally and nationally, bringing warmth, dynamism and inclusivity to every ceremony. Closest to her heart, is her work with families as she tenderly and skillfully conducts funerals and offers comfort to those enduring loss.

"Our wounds are our most precious treasure maps. Although we would not choose them, they are our most loyal and direct paths to wholeness. Our wounds are sacred portals to our deepest self. They deserve to be honored, revered and embraced with compassion."

Celebrating the Jewish New Year 2023

Words of Praise

Thank you so so much for such a meaningful ketubah signing ceremony and wedding ceremony. Because of the words you shared at the ceremony, the guests KNEW who these young adults were, and why we were celebrating all evening long. The ceremony was a “Wow!” So many guests have called and to share how the wedding ceremony was so special and meaningful. Thank you so much for your sincerity.
Jane Kessler
Mother Of Bride
We were honored to have worked with Rabbi Kolton. We were lucky to find a rabbi that catered to our interfaith ceremony. The most important aspect to us was a feeling of a personal experience, and Rabbi Kolton captured it perfectly, tailoring the entire process to our every wish. Our story of falling in love was interwoven seamlessly into the ceremony and our guests were engaged from beginning to end. We would highly recommend Rabbi Kolton to anyone looking for a unique and personalized touch!
David and Jen Sallen
Wedding Couple
It should make you feel like a saint to know that you were the 1st person I (and many others, I’m sure) thought of in our time of sadness, anxiety and need. I am so grateful that you have been part of my family’s life and history- and because of how you make us feel inside- calm, warm, safe, I could think of no other person I would comfortably turn to when my father was dying. Thank you for listening to our stories and for being there with us. My father would have smiled to know you were there with us. Thank you!
Speaking on Stage

Discover the power of the Feminine Divine with me at Tedx Detroit 2021!

Tamara is a gifted storyteller who knows how to move an audience. She is playful, honest, authentic and wise. Her message is bold, loving, & relevant on topics like:
Join her for a class or invite her to be your teacher.

"We are being asked to reimagine God and what a Feminine Divine presence can do to transform the world from one in which we are dying, to one in which we are being reborn."

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Oranges for Eve Book

My Brave, Beautiful, Badass Journey to the Feminine Divine is a manifesto of feminine light, truth & POWER.
This is a story of self-discovery and the deep healing that every woman needs in her life. It is also the story of the most misunderstood woman in history: Eve.

Wedding Gallery

A go to rabbi for interfaith couples, I have conducted hundreds of weddings over the past 25 years. Every wedding is inclusive, personal and loving. Here are some pics from all those Mazel Tov’s!

From the Rabbi's Heart: Writings

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Therapy: Nurturing you to grow, heal & feel good!

I am here to help you feel much better! As a licensed psychotherapist, I bring you decades of helping people grow, heal, transform, and live with more joy and more peace.