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Where is the Feminine Divine?  Is she real?  If so, how can YOU access her power?  This course will guide you deep inside a discovery process of Feminine Divine Energy. This energy will soothe you & make you brave! You will uncover the truth about Eve in the Bible and how the secret path back to God in the feminine is hidden in plain sight. After 3000 years of patriarchy, are you ready? Let your quest begin!

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Rabbi Tamara Kolton was recently chosen as a recipient of the Next-Gen 2019 Speaker Competition by Celebrate Your Life, one of the largest spiritual speaker platforms in the world.  

Tamara is a prominent rabbi in Michigan who is known for her inspirational style and capacity to help people heal. For 20 years, she has touched people’s lives on their best and worst days. Closest to her heart, is her work with families as she tenderly and skillfully conducts funerals, leads bereavement groups, and teaches feminine spirituality. She integrates scholarly research, feminist thought and the power to inspire hearts. She has presented to groups as small as 2 and as large as 2000.

Rabbi Kolton completed her undergraduate degree in Jerusalem from Hebrew University and she is a fluent Hebrew speaker. Her master’s degree is in clinical psychology. She is a Ph.D. and wrote her dissertation on The Experience of Being A Woman Rabbi.

In 1999, Tamara was the first person to be ordained a Humanistic Rabbi, an achievement recognized by The New York Times. She is included in the historical timeline of women rabbis.

Tamara grew up in a Jewish congregation “without God” and was mentored by Rabbi Sherwin T. Wine, a radical and renowned rabbi. Ultimately, she became his successor as the senior rabbi of The Birmingham Temple. 

Six years ago, she felt an intense spiritual yearning to discover God. This meant that she had to resign her pulpit and set out on a new path as an independent rabbi. She now teaches spirituality to hundreds of people each year and has a thriving psychology practice. 

Rabbi Kolton is a member of the Michigan Board of Rabbis and the International Women’s Forum, a global leadership initiative that connects the world’s most preeminent women of significant achievement.

She is currently writing her first book 

Oranges for Eve: My Beautiful and Badass Quest To The Feminine Divine

Tamara lives in Birmingham, Michigan with her Israeli-born husband, Isaac. They have two children, Lior and Maya and a Havanese dog named Finley.

I'm Writing My First Book!

A Message About Oranges For Eve: My Beautiful & Badass Journey To The Feminine Divine

Six years ago, I set out on a spiritual quest to discover God for myself.  I yearned to connect to a source of energy that felt real, loving, and powerful.  I yearned to name that energy, know it and welcome it into my life. I needed a Source of Light that was feminine, bold, and very, very nurturing. I was NOT going to buy into anything less than a feeling that we are all ONE and that women are here to lead the way!

On my quest, I kept returning to the myth of Eve.  Who was she, really?  Why had her presence been powerful enough ignite such push back and hate?  What were “They” all so afraid of? Eve lived in me day in and day out, year after year, until it became crystal clear:

1. Eve is our spiritual mother.  She is an emanation of the Divine Feminine which has always been here.  

2. The myth of Eve was written into the Bible and repeated for 3000 years to silence the power of feminine light, to gag us, shut us down and abuse us into submission.  

3. We are living at a time of great awakening  We are living in a time when the power of feminine light is  exactly what we need to shift out of patriarchy and save the world.  No less than this is at stake.

4. We are capable of so much better than perpetual war and violence.  Our natural state without and within is Shalom, peace. Anything other than this is a lie.  And I, for one, am done with lies. 

5.Eve did not bring sin into the world.  Eve brought spiritual bravery and Feminine power!  Eve Energy is a source of feminine light that you can tap into to power yourself and the world around you.

Here’s the truth; You are perfect, complete and Divine.  Our world can be too as it is an external reflection of the inner state of the human soul. But how do we get from here to there? That, my dear friend, is what Oranges for Eve is all about!

With All My Love, 


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After 3000 years of Patriarchy We Are Finally Waking Up!

Join The Oranges For Eve Spiritual Community!

You will learn:

*How to tap into the Feminine Divine

*An entirely new way to read the bible

*Prayers, songs, blessings and meditations to heal yourself & and the world!


Speaking & Groups

Women's Spirituality

Invite me  to speak and I'll bring bold, dynamic and spiritual energy to your group! We will “flip the story” of Eve to reveal our spiritual mother and the rising, brave, bold power of the Feminine Divine! 

Recovery from Grief and Loss Support Circle

I offer heart-centered, healing groups for anyone who is experiencing deep loss. Together we work towards finding you relief in your suffering and peace after heart-breaking loss. My work with grief and loss is grounded in both psychology and spirituality. 

Wedding Trailor

Get a feel for the tone of love, joy and universal spiritual connection of that I bring to weddings. 

Interfaith & Jewish Weddings


I have had the privilege of performing  hundreds of interfaith and Jewish weddings. I bring a great spirit of inclusivity, warmth, skill and joy!



A Little Praise

From Mother of Bride

Thank you so so much for such a meaningful ketubah signing ceremony and wedding ceremony. Because of the words you shared at the ceremony, the guests KNEW who these young adults were, and why we were celebrating all evening long. The ceremony  was a "Wow!" So many guests have called and to share how the wedding ceremony was so special and meaningful. Thank you so much for your sincerity.


From Wedding Couple

Thank you for a wonderful ketubah and wedding ceremony. We heard from our guests throughout the evening how special our ceremony was and you had everything to do with it. Your guidance throughout this process has been invaluable, your counsel wise and appreciated. 

Ben & Laura

From Wedding Couple

Thank you so much for officiating our wedding! You were amazing and helped make our ceremony so special and beautiful. 

Liz & Hunter Alpert 

From Wedding Couple

We were honored to have worked with Rabbi Kolton. We were lucky to find a rabbi that catered to our interfaith ceremony. The most important aspect to us was a feeling of a personal experience, and Rabbi Kolton captured it perfectly, tailoring the entire process to our every wish. Our story of falling in love was interwoven seamlessly into the ceremony and our guests were engaged from beginning to end. We would highly recommend Rabbi Kolton to anyone looking for a unique and personalized touch! 

David and Jen

From Wedding Couple

We just wanted to send an email to say THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for officiating what was such a magical and breathtaking event last weekend. You were incredibly instrumental in it all, and we are so thankful for your kind, thoughtful words and making our day the best and most special it could have been. Thank you for also being a sounding board for us over the last year, a source of comfort, and for easing our worries.

Our wedding day was truly everything we could have dreamed of, and thank you so much for guiding us into this new phase of our lives. We will truly remember this day forever!

All our best,

Brooke and Brett

Helpful Wedding Resources

A Message To Interfaith Couples:

Over almost 20 years, I have had the honor of officiating at more than 200 wedding ceremonies, many of which were interfaith.  

This is what  has become clear to me:

  • You are teachers of a better world.  You teach us that love transcends religion.  Furthermore, if religion is truly to support us, it must fully and generously include all people, especially those we love.  You are also pioneers.  In the 1950’s the intermarriage rate in the United States was 4%.  Today it is more than 50%.  We are learning from you.

  • As you go on this journey together, be exceptionally generous, learn from each other, participate and honor the best of each other’s heritages and traditions And listen to each other. Always remember what brought you together.

  • Your wedding ceremony can be the way you imagine and dream it to be, a beautiful reflection and celebration of your love. 

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