I’m Writing A Book!

It never let up For the past three years, I’ve been writing my first book.  It is the last thing I think about when I go to sleep at night and the first thing I think about when I wake up.  You could say it’s a little meshuganah, a little crazy- how the drive, the yearning, the daily felt-sense that, “You are supposed to write your book!” never let up.  And while the message grew, expanded and astonished me with a life of it’s own- it too essentially, never changed.  It is b’sheart– the Yiddish word for meant to be.   Or more accurately- must come into being.

So here I am about three quarters of the way done with the first draft of the manuscript.  And I think it’s that brave time to share some excerpts with you.  Here’s the disclaimer: I’m from a disobedient stock.  It’s in my protoplasm.  And this book is all about following my truth and being spiritually brave.  “Go big or go home!” my friend said after she read the introduction.  It’s big.  It’s radical.  It’s even political.  It is for every woman and every man who understands that feminine power is not a threat, rather it is a blessing and just the kind of blessing that we are in such desperate need of, specifically at this time in the history of our species.

The working title is

Oranges For Eve: My Beautiful And Badass Journey To The Feminine Divine

A Guide For Every Woman In Search Of Her Own Divinity

If you want to read excerpts from the book as I blog them, please share your email below this blog under Subscribe.  That will feel great!  You’ll be my muses and every meshuganah needs a good muse to give her the strength and energy to keep on doing what she feels most compelled to do.

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