Oranges for Eve with Rabbi Tamara Kolton

Monday, March 9, 2020
Join Cynthia and her guest, psychologist, author, and feminine mythologist, Rabbi Tamara Kolton as she shares her brave, beautiful, and badass journey to the feminine divine.

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In this interview, Rabbi Tamara Kolton, Ph.D., author of Oranges for Eve, shares insights on her book and the process of writing it.

Initial Inspiration for Oranges for Eve

Olivia Edwards: Oranges for Eve combines memoir, a history of the Feminine Divine and spiritual guidance. What initially inspired you to write this book?

Rabbi Tamara Kolton, Ph.D.: I cannot remember a time when I did not dream of writing a book. I remember how I felt in second grade when my teacher bound my story and it looked like a real book. I just held it and looked at it with awe. In the way that painters look at paintings or dancers look at dances, I have looked at books, longing for the words and the way to one day tell my own story. Read more

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