Oranges For Eve: My Beautiful And Badass Quest For The Feminine Divine

Six years ago, I set out on a spiritual quest to discover God for myself. I yearned to connect to a source of energy that felt real, loving, and powerful. I yearned to name that energy, know it and welcome it into my life. I needed a Source of Light that was feminine, bold, and very, very nurturing. I was NOT going to buy into anything less than a feeling that we are all ONE and that women are here to lead the way!

On my quest, I kept returning to the myth of Eve. Who was she, really? Why had her presence been powerful enough ignite such push back and hate? What were “They” all so afraid of? Eve lived in me day in and day out, year after year, until it became crystal clear:

1. Eve is our spiritual mother. She is an emanation of the Divine Feminine which has always been here.

2. The myth of Eve was written into the Bible and repeated for 3000 years to silence the power of feminine light, to gag us, shut us down and abuse us into submission.

3. We are living at a time of great awakening We are living in a time when the power of feminine light is exactly what we need to shift out of patriarchy and save the world. No less than this is at stake.

4. We are capable of so much better than perpetual war and violence. Our natural state without and within is Shalom, peace. Anything other than this is a lie. And I, for one, am done with lies.

5. Eve did not bring sin into the world. Eve brought spiritual bravery and Feminine power! Eve Energy is a source of Feminine light that you can tap into to power yourself and the world around you.

Here’s the truth; You are perfect, complete and Divine. Our world can be too as it is an external reflection of the inner state of the human soul. But how do we get from here to there? That, my dear friend, is what Oranges for Eve is all about!


With All My Love,