Please Don’t Talk to Me about Politics!

Please, don’t talk to me about politics! I just can’t hear it anymore. There’s nothing new to say. We are stuck on repeat.

Please, don’t talk to me about politics! Instead, I want to talk about how to live in a better world, a saner world, a heart-centered world. Or, at least, how it feels to live in this one.

I want to talk about how much it hurts to see the world on fire. I want to talk about how wrong it is that our children pay the price for all our adult insanity. I want to talk about how helpless I feel and even how guilty. How is it that I get to live such a good life while others suffer? How is it that I was lucky to be born here and they were unlucky to be born there? I didn’t do anything to deserve it. They didn’t do anything to deserve it. Life shouldn’t be such a crap shoot.

And, if you have to talk to me about politics, don’t talk to me about the past. Let’s be forward thinking, future-pacing. Will somebody please come up with a real solution here? If you have to talk about political figures, I’m almost begging you… please…. please don’t talk to me about Trump. I could live the rest of my life without hearing the name Putin.

If you must talk to me about political figures, talk to me about Anne Frank, Desmond Tutu and Yitzhak Rabin. Talk to me about Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Harriet Tubman. Talk to me about every person that dared use their great imagination to solve the impossible problems of their time. I only want to hear from people who believe that life is worth living and that the future is going to be beautiful. Bring me the wildly optimistic and the unabashedly hopeful.

Please, just don’t talk to me about politics. I know the house is divided. I know that the world is in filibuster. I know that they’ve been invaded, ripped out of their homes and God, my God, I know that my brothers and sisters are still living in the bowels of Gaza in some godforsaken tunnel. So that’s why you have to stop talking to me about politics! We just can’t live this way anymore! I refuse to live this way anymore.

Someday, I’m going to die and fly away from here. Until then, I’ve got to find a way to make the world more livable.

Let’s be clear. I’m not calling for a ceasefire. I’m going much further. I want an International Day of Mourning. I want it old school shiva style- where you sit on the floor to mourn the dead- mothers holding mothers, fathers holding fathers- and children playing outside throwing balls over the fence and catching them from the other side.

I want to spend the whole day howling at the sun and the moon, pleading with Mother Earth to show us how to be reborn.

I want to turn off the world like I do my computer- restart- reboot, clear out all the old programs so that we can process again.

Come on people! We invented the nuclear bomb for God sake! We can send people to the moon! Let’s use our imagination. Are you actually telling me that we are going to land on Mars before we make peace on Earth? Does anybody else think that this is a waste of potential?

Is anybody out there? Anybody? If you’re hearing this from another planet and you’ve got a better way- now is the time to step forward!

Please don’t talk to me about politics. Talk to me about love. How much you love your children, your dogs, the way the sunlight makes the lake dance or the taste of your grandmother’s recipes. Talk to me like your grandmother talked to you when you were little. Reassure me. Make me laugh. Hand me sugar cookies. Wrap me so deeply and so entirely in your love that nothing else but peace feels possible.

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