This video was submitted to gain a spiritual speaker’s spot at Celebrate Your Life Events, one of the largest spiritual speaker platforms in the world. Tamara was the recipient of one of the awards and will be teaching an online class with them in February!

The Jewish New Year Service in Rabbi Kolton’s Home 2019

Why Do We Put An Orange On A Seder Plate?

Celebrate Your Life Online SOULFEST!

I’m AMAZED and honored to be teaching at the very first:

Celebrate Your Life Online SOULFEST!

I am so excited to join great spiritual teachers including Gregg Braden, Lisa Nichols, Marci Shimoff, Michael Bernard Beckwith, Martha Beck, Dougall Fraser, Anita Moorjani, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Neale Donald Walsch, Colette Baron-Reid and SO MANY MORE!

Please join me in this free Online SOULFEST to discover The Art and Practice of Resilience and Self Reliance.

Example of Workshop & Speaking Topic

Oranges For Eve: Tapping Into The Bountiful, Beautiful, and Badass Energy Of The Feminine Divine

*What do you truly yearn for deep down in your gut?

*What would you do if you had the audacity to act on your own behalf?

*Who really is Eve, of the bible, the garden, and the apple, and how will she help you?

Your yearnings, your urges to transform your life and take those big, terrifying leaps are actually a call to bravery and spiritual fulfillment from your true spiritual mother, the radical, beautiful, badass, Eve. In this workshop, we are going to answer the call!

Rabbi Tamara Kolton will guide you on a healing journey in which you will tenderly be asked to love your shame and fear away and step onto a path of spiritual healing and bravery.  

In the sacred, nourishing space of the workshop you will:

  • Journey deep into the myth of the Garden of Eden and experience Eve for who she REALLY is.
  • Learn the skill of “flipping the story” to ignite your power.  
  • Identify and embrace your vulnerability as sacred portals that give you immediate access to Eve.
  • Feel surges of joy and bliss that fill you with a new, soulful sense of confidence and purpose and spur you to action.  “I can do it!”  “I’ve got this!”
  • Experience and understand God in the feminine and how this fierce, feminine, and nourishing energy- can truly transform your life.
  • Learn to practice the three key principles of Spiritual Disobedience, Spiritual Bravery, and Exponential Returns.
  • Takeaway tools and nourishing practices to connect to Eve’s Energy.

Tamara will frame this workshop with her own flawed, human, and at times humorous, quest to know God and heal herself by reconnecting to Eve.

Your Divine mother is calling you.  Answer the call!


Women’s Spirituality

Invite me to speak and I’ll bring bold, dynamic and spiritual energy to your group! We will “flip the story” of Eve to reveal our spiritual mother and the rising, brave, bold power of the Feminine Divine!

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