Image Credit: Rita Loyd
People ask me what my approach to therapy is. Trained as a humanistic psychologist, I also bring my own wisdom, spirituality and humanity to every session. I believe in wellness and in the ability of every human being to live a beautiful life. I believe in healing and that relief from pain is possible in every circumstance through the power of love.
I am here to help you improve the quality of your life. I am here to help you carry your past more lightly and to discover the truth of who you are: a MAGNIFICENT being. I am here to help you open the door to that magnificence, walk through it, and live your beautiful life.
In every session, I will bring you all that I have & all that I know to help you feel better.
This includes how to:
  • Process & live with loss.
  • Chart a course for the life you truly desire to live.
  • Create and sustain loving relationships.
  • Grow self-love and self-encouragement.
  • Gain effective tools for daily living.
  • Experience life-changing insight.

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